Eifel Bank is a small bank that offers numerous financial services. Customers of the bank founded in 1969 receive on request the von Eifel Bank credit in four different variants. A loan can be requested in one of the four locations or by post. On request, the customers are personally served by a sales representative.

The so-called “extra-credit” is the online offer of the financial service provider.

From Eifel Bank – Bank with a wide range of products

From Eifel Bank - Bank with a wide range of products

Eifel Bank was founded in Eifel in 1969 and has four locations nationwide. The city in the Ruhr area is also the headquarters of the bank.

Further branches of the bank are in Berlin, Stuttgart and Braunschweig. In addition, a special real estate service is offered in Berlin. Nationwide, the customers of Eifel Bank are looked after by permanently employed sales representatives. The bank specializes in clients who, despite a good financial situation, have difficulty borrowing. Since 2009, Eifel Bank has been a wholly owned subsidiary of the Crediter Group. This makes the bank one of 13 Crediter companies.

The bank’s product range includes savings and investment products, simple savings bonds, tiered savings bonds and capital letters with a subordinate agreement. The von Eifel Bank credit is offered as consumer credit, credit increase, loan remubbing and as a real estate loan. For customers who like to make their credit transactions online, the so-called “extra-credit” is available on the Internet.

From Food Bank Credit – “extra credit” comes from the internet

From Food Bank Credit - "extra credit" comes from the internet

The “extra credit” of Eifel Bank can be applied for directly on one of the many comparison portals on the Internet. This loan option of the bank is also suitable for consumers who have already been rejected by other lenders.

As von Bank also works responsibly in the interests of the consumer in terms of lending, a private credit statement is obtained and the credit rating is checked. According to the bank, only applicants who can demonstrate sufficient creditworthiness will be served.

The review, however, takes place according to the own criteria of the Eifel Bank. The amount of the loan depends on the creditworthiness of the applicant. For the APR, however, between 3.95 – 11.95 percent are due. Incidentally, the agreed loan term remains unchanged over the entire term.

The “extra credit” can be applied for free.

Credit offer of the Eifel Bank – information on the website

Credit offer of the Eifel Bank - information on the website

But, not everyone is familiar with applying on a loan portal. These consumers can also apply for the Bank of Eifel credit card on the Bank’s website in the conventional way.

For consumer credit, credit augmentation and loan repayment, Eifel Bank provides so-called self-disclosure. This document is available for download as a PDF document that is printed at home.

In this information, the desired loan amount and the required repayment term are entered. In the next step, numerous personal data are requested. There are questions about the financial situation. Anyone who lives in a partnership or is married can include a second borrower in the contract. A second borrower increases the credit rating and thus the chances of getting a loan. By signing the private credit clause, the bank can obtain information.

The form will be filled out and sent to the bank. After a relatively short processing time it is decided whether a credit by Eifel Bank is possible.

Real Estate Finance – Special Credit

Real Estate Finance - Special Credit

As a financing specialist, Eifel Bank also offers real estate financing. Before a loan application, the property is analyzed by a specialist of the bank. There is also an evaluation of the personal financial situation of the applicant. It is also possible to refinance a property.

This may potentially reduce the monthly installment burden. Anyone who wants to apply for credit from Immobilien Bank for real estate, however, must meet some requirements. The applicant must be in a dependent employment relationship or already retired. Funding is possible if the applicant owns an existing property or wants to acquire an existing property.

The same applies to self-owned property. The applicant may not own more than two properties. Only real estate in Germany will be financed.

Despite good loan offers – credit comparison always pays off

Despite good loan offers - credit comparison always pays off

The von Eifel Bank loan is available in many different loan options. Particularly popular are the “extra-credit”, the consumer credit, the loan debt, and the credit increase. The loans from Eifel Bank are available to new and existing customers. Compared to other banks, however, the loans of the bank are relatively expensive.

As a rule, this is because the bank also accepts customers who, despite a good financial situation, have minor restrictions in their private credit. Anyone who has a fairly good credit rating should therefore always carry out a credit comparison and look at the loan offers from various banks.